Ostrog Monastery

When the name of Ostrog is mentioned, the first association is the place where miracles happen, where many patients seek for and find spiritual cure for their suffered bodies that soon enough become physically healthy.

OstrogOstrog Monastery is the most visited sanctuary in Montenegro during whole year. It is visited by the representatives of all religions and from all areas of former Yugoslavia, as well as from many other countries. After the Tomb of Christ and Holy Mountain, Ostrog Monastery is the third most visited sanctuary in the Christian world. Practically growing out of colossal rocky slope of mount Ostrog, the monastery will not leave you indifferent once you take a look at it.

It is situated in the area of Bjelopavlići, above the valley of Zeta river. After the crossroads to Bogetići, precipitous road, a couple of kilometers long, will take you to Lower Monastery, and afterwards serpentines will take you to Upper Monastery. Upper Monastery is the most impressive part. It has a bell-tower, as high as a five-floor building, and it is imprinted in a cave of magnificent Ostrog – after which it got its name. It was founded at the beginning of the second half of XVII century by metropolitan bishop of Herzegovina Vasilije Jovanović, later on named St. Vasilije of Ostrog.

This is a one-day trip. The trip includes transportation and visit of Upper and Lower Monastery. Depending on clients’ requirements, we can organize lunch in the nearby restaurant with national cuisine. The price varies depending on the type of the trip.